Learning How to Ride A Bike

Coconino National Forest Route 3

Dear Lord, why the hell am I biking across an entire CONTINENT?

I’ve been asking myself this question since I began biking exactly two weeks ago from my buddy Will’s house in Burbank, CA. After the second day of pushing the bounds of my biking ability while  making only two centimeters worth of progress on the California state map, I felt trapped. While I felt like giving up immediately and going back home to see my friends, family, and amazing girlfriend, I’d be labeled a quitter forever by those who are aware of this great feat I’m going to accomplish because I’ve been boasting about it for months.

So, here I am, two weeks later, and I’m sitting in a collegiate public library in Flagstaff, AZ, after biking hundreds of miles from my point of origin. Somehow, during those two weeks, I went from being like a child, who could bike 20 miles a day, to being a more developed bicyclist who can bike 65 miles through the desert on 5 hours of sleep.

I definitely haven’t been without help though. I’ve met a bunch of awesome people during these past two weeks who’ve really helped me out. My first friend, Mike, helped me on my second day by giving bike tips and taking me back to his house to pump up my tires and bestow upon me some Cold-Eeze to help alleviate my cold that I acquired as a result of the LA smog. Later down the road, I met my good friend Mohammend, at thein Beaumont, CA, who was also really generous and provided an awesome environment to chill out and de-stress after the first few days of touring-shock. Then I eventually made it into the care of Calyn Jones, who allowed my legs to heal for a few days while I stayed with her and her brother in Scottsdale, AZ. Most recently, JoAnn and Rey, helped me out BIG TIME with a ride up an 18 mile ride up a dangerous stretch of road and a much needed bed to sleep in and some great food. Thanks guys!

After two weeks with my butt plastered to a bike seat, I’m sure I can make it across the states. It’s a hard life on the road. Dangerous animals scare me, the desert scares me, my legs hurt, and sometimes it’s hard finding a good campsite, but, it has been very rewarding thus far. Can’t wait to be rewarded with more surprises and friendships along the way.

Whoa, the night is approaching and I need to get sleeping arrangements taken care of. Hopefully, I won’t be so late with the next update.

2 Responses to “Learning How to Ride A Bike”
  1. Mowgli says:

    from one jungle cat to another, much deserved respect for you journey. Buddha smiles at you while his belly fat jiggles oh-so-benevolently. The first step is the hardest because you’re only relying on the desire to be strong enough to make it. I hope, with every mile and gallon of sweat, that you can base your confidence more soundly on the fortunes of your experiences, my man. Kick some f*ing ass, LaFrance. Kick the whole thing right in its ass.

    What kind of hog you riding anyway? Does she have a name?

    • driadia says:

      I could really use Buddha on this journey to help carry some of my supplies! Thanks for the encouragement, compadre. It gets tough in the desert. I’m riding a specialized Crosstrail disc. Sick nasty bike that rolls like greased lightening cuz it has the biggest wheels on the market: 29 INCH RIMS BABY!

      I hear you’re jobless in a foreign country. Haha, ridiculous. How’s Korea? Learning any Tae Kwon Do?

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