Desert Fever

Why did the chicken cross the desert? Because he had no other choice.

I absolutely despise the desert, but, in about 30 minutes, I’ll be leaving Flagstaff,AZ and venturing back out into its sandy clutches for round 3. It’s not the climate that bothers me so much as the general lack of civilization and resources that accompany its presence. The prevalence of animalia with pointy extremities and bleached white skeletons of mammals on the roadside can be somewhat damaging to morale.

My last desert play date was last week. After waking up at 6 am, I climbed 5,000 feet in elevation over a course of 65 miles through the Tanto National Forest, straight up highway 87 into Payson, AZ, which is an extremely beautiful town similar to those in New Hampshire’s White Mountains). The journey nearly killed me.

This time, I’m more prepared. Lessons have been learned:
1) bring more water than you feel comfortable carrying.
2) load up on water rich fruits, which will help you retain water more effectively than water alone.
3) hyper hydrate before your journey.
4) rest often during high heat.

On top of this, I won’t be dealing with 5k worth of elevation and I am a MUCH stronger biker that even last week.

Lastly, things in my personal life are . . . horrible at the moment. Five days in the embrace of desolation without cell phone reception sounds pretty inviting right now.

Next entry in Tuba City.


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