Desert Exodus

By the time I left the Indian reservation lands, I was ready to move on. I had not lost any of my new-found appreciation for the area, rather, I was simply anxious to begin the next stage in my journey. As I neared the Utah-Colorado border, the scenery became bleak. Economic opportunity seemed increasingly minuscule, rain and hale came from the sky nearly every day, and resources became more difficult to come by. By the time I reached Aneth, UT, I saw the majority of the houses had been gutted and were unoccupied.

Despite this parting experience, the reservation is a beautiful place, inhabited by extremely nice, honest people. The landscape is mythical, peaceful, and visited by travelers the world over, but, most especially by German businessmen on motorcycles, it seems. I hope to visit again some day.

I crossed into Colorado. Exit desert, enter monstrous mountains.

Highway 163 - On my way out of the high plains desert


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