Fort Garland, Colorado

Fort Garland, CO, is in the lead for nicest small town

After biking only 26 miles, I found myself in the small town of Ft. Garland, CO (pop. <500?). The very nice Hawaiian woman who helps run the local market gave me a free package of “Hawaiian Crispy Wafers”, an addictive snack her family makes. I polished them off them off this morning.

The manager over at the local Ft. Garland museum allowed me to pitch my tent in the fort itself. So, this morning I woke up to the site of an old American military fort from the Civil War era. Yet another cool experience.

Before turning in for the night, I attended some great local live music at an Italian restaurant called “All-Gon” and found myself without a place to sit. It seemed the whole town had showed up for the Italian dinner buffet and music. That’s how I met Tom, another fellow who wasn’t part of a group. He had come down from his ranch in the mountains for the dinner show. Tom and I got to talking and had a great time while basking in the warm community atmosphere. It was great meeting you man!

After a great night’s sleep in the Fort, I joined the the Fort  Garland staff for the morning coffee get-together. The gathering turned out to be more like a party, with everyone sharing stories, telling jokes, and swapping knowledge. Those guys at the Fort are awesome and I definitely would have loved to stayed a few days as a volunteer before crossing La Veta Pass. However, as always, I am a slave to the road and on a breakneck schedule. I parted ways with the awesome Fort Garland community and crossed La Veta Pass earlier today, thus leaving the Rockies behind and making my way onto the warmer, rolling plains of the American mid-west.

To all the Fort Garland staff, YOU GUYS ROCK.


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