Seasoned Drifter

May 22, 2011 Sunday

The past few days in Colorado have made me feel like Clint Eastwood’s “Man Without A Name” character. I drift from town to town, drinking locally brewed beer, camping out under the stars (most of the time), all while never spending more than 24 hours in any one place.

After leaving Cortez, I was scorned by the skies yet again with the familiar rain/hale combination as I climbed in elevation. I then descended into Durango, a beautiful Colorado town nestled in the Rockies. I wolfed down some self-made spinach & turkey sandwiches at the local McDonalds and then phoned my acquaintance, Pat, whom I had met days earlier in Kayenta, AZ.

“Hey, man, I just couldn’t stay away. I biked all this way for some more of those awesome granola bars! Where are you?”

Pat: “Hahaha, sure man. We’re all at the Durango Brewery, having some beers. Stop on by!”

A few beers among some good people is exactly what I needed after 50 miles of biking in horrible weather. And that’s exactly what I got. Through my pal, Pat, I fell into the company of BMX enthusiasts. After a good night with good conversation, I was also allowed to partake in a good night’s sleep on their couch. AWESOME.

The next morning, I was invited to go go rafting, an invitation which I was, regretfully, forced to pass up due to the limited window of good weather. Ahhwell, next time.

As a slave to the road, I biked 50 more miles to Pagosa Springs. Arriving during the afternoon afforded me enough time to grab some decent food and a not-so-decent South American beer, which all seem to be horrible. Also, Pagosa was famous for it’s hot springs that were fed by a geothermal aquifer that ran throughout the town, so I decided to scope them out.

After asking around, I found a three story bathhouse called “The Outlook”, which let me in for only $8.00. This place was extremely cool. If I were a businessman, I’d hold meetings with clients here. The inside is Victorian and Roman stylings, with very minimal candle lighting, which produces wavering shadows on the walls. I found a small secluded bath on the roof that was fed by the hot springs and let myself soak in it for about an hour and half. Getting to sit in mineral-rich water while gazing at the stars was a ridiculously relaxing experience.

Using a local’s directions, I found my way to a secluded park overlooking the town and camped out. I slept like a child.

After a few weeks of living like this, I’ve finally learned how to make moves smoothly and effectively. I make good mileage, I have fun, and I always find a good place to sleep.

However, I miss home, but, only when I think of it. So, I do my best not to so that I can enjoy my ever changing horizon instead of impulsively buying a plane ticket home.


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