Wolf Creek Pass

Reliable Steed - Theo, The Law

May 23, 2011 Monday



Every now and then, we the people, are fortunate enough to be presented with opportunities to make clear the full measure of our skill and will. The hands behind the curtain administer a relentless beating so that we can show ourselves what we are capable of doing. At the end of the trial, we may become aware of a high truth previously hidden behind the pickles in the back of the fridge.

After biking 8 miles up a 6.5 grade mountain, I saw a higher truth: All that is necessary in order to change reality is simply vision and action. The action need not be perfect in it’s appropriateness or execution. As long as steps are taken and the will is strong, then no vision is incapable of being born into reality.

This seems like a simple realization, however, my belief in it is stronger with this personal accomplishment.

With this, I am ready to make a certain call . . . and then continue to bike over La Veta Pass.


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