Biking through the night to Dodge City, KS

Hundreds of miles later . . .

. . . and I am now a tourist in the great Kansas City, KS!

Ha ha! At no less than 80 miles a day, I have been making great progress across the motherland towards my initial goal of Washington D.C. As most of my personal friends and family can verify, I was not a bicyclist before starting this journey and, actually, I did not even own a bike until about one and a half months ago. Though my spirit was willing, it wasn’t until recently that I have been able to consistently hold an 80 mile/day pace with an average speed of roughly 15 miles per hour. The breakthrough has been due to three major factors:

1) Increased Caloric Intake

2) Will Power

3) Perfected Schedule

The restrictions I initially placed on my diet have been discarded and I now eat as much of whatever I want except for fast food and soda. As a result, I have all the calories (energy) I need for my determination to draw upon in order to complete my set amount of mileage for a day. Lastly, by biking during the morning hours and evening hours, I avoid the hottest period of the day, during which I take a siesta. By doing this, I can expend myself more readily and going faster for longer durations.

Tomorrow, I take on Missouri!

2 Responses to “POWER PACE”
  1. Phil Levesque says:

    Hi Nick,
    Congratulations! Man what an achievement thus far!
    I was sitting with your “papa” when you called yesterday and I’ve say I’m thrilled for you and the tremendous effort it takes to go beyond your old boundaries, daily.
    I wish Dave was a little more open to see what you are doing but we still love the guy.
    There are some amazing people out there. Sometimes it takes putting yourself way “out there” to find them.
    When I push myself beyond my endurance I always find them and that it IS all about the LOVE. It’s not just a cliche.
    my best,

    • driadia says:

      Phil, thank you for the note. It means a lot. I definitely agree with you about the LOVE. It’s one of the main subjects I think about. Everyday I try to make more room in my heart for love by removing more hate and fear. Thanks man. See you when I get home.

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