Now For The Other Half (YOU AIN’T SO BAD!)

June 8th, 2011 Wednesday

In other words, the necessity of inspiration and motivation while biking across America.

I spent a day and a half in Kansas City, which was about half a day longer than expected. However, it was time well spent. Being a “city boy”, I felt at home amongst the hustle, tall buildings, and colorful people with gun holsters full of cigarettes. I satisfied a long needed art longing by visiting the Nelson-Atkins sculpture park and the Kempers Museum of Modern Art. After asking around quite a bit, I found my way to the city’s best BBQ restaurant, Gates BBQ, and ordered their famous Burnends Sandwhich. It was absolutely AWESOME. Among the best meals I ever had.

While playing the role of the classic tourist, I ran into another awesome individual, Ms. Corinna, who is deeply involved in the Kansas City bicycling scene and is very experienced in touring. She had recently set a personal record by bicycling 136 miles in one day. Mon dieu! I also found out later that she is an Olympian who has competed in Judo on behalf of the United States. I was honored by being allowed use her guest bedroom and recharge my batteries that night.

When I awoke the next morning at 5:00 am, I was well rested, well fed, and gifted with bicyclist’s shirt from Corinna herself. Sometimes I cannot believe how fortunate I am to encounter such wonderful people. Thank you Corinna.

I got a good 50 miles in this morning and find myself in Higginsville, MO. I’m now slightly more than 50% finished with the continent and on pace to finish slightly ahead of time. With half a continent completed, I know the rest can be conquered and it’s not as bad as it seems when the actual words are said aloud: “… half a continent to go.”


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