Dear Lord, No More Rain

June 15, 2011 Wednesday

I crossed into Indiana, yesterday, only to find that the weather is same in this state as in the previous. Today makes for a total of 3 consecutive days of thunderstorms with torrential rainfall. Thus far, this moist obstacle has championed itself as the most difficult trial yet in my journey. It is even worse than the headwinds in Kansas. At least those could be avoided by rearranging my daily schedule. The rain, however, strikes often and without schedule.

Aside from the obvious annoyances that rain causes, the worst is the effect it has on my sleeping situation. At night, I crawl into a tent that is still soggy, sticky, and smelly from the night before. Two days ago, a puddle of water formed at my feet overnight as a result of the storms.

The forecast calls for an additional 4 days of wetness in middle-America.

So, tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll find myself biking into a climate that’s more considerate of my cushy lifestyle.


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