Gun Powder


June 18, 2011 Saturday

The drizzle has returned, but, so has my DRIVE to complete the mission.

The past few days have really provided the boost, or gun powder, I need to blast my way to my destination. After getting into Lawrenceburg, IN, I scarfed some food and looked a road atlas while at Walmart. To my amazement, I found that I was only about 500 miles away from my destination, Washington D.C.! However, the realization induced more of a feeling of relief and comfort than one of celebration. Knowing that soon my indentured servitude to the road will be over and I can lounge on a couch while drinking a cold beer and eating hot food is enough to help me through the remaining measly 500 miles.

Shortly after this realization, I met Chad, a cool guy with a mohawk who was working at Walmart and was interested in touring as well but had yet to try it out. We got to talking and, after awhile, decided to hit up the local pool hall together for some moderate celebration. We stopped by Wizards Pool Hall, and played a few games while smoking cigarillos. Very cool environment and a good place to chill while still revelling in my last 500 miles.

Chad let me crash on his couch for the night and I got a fantastic sleep. The next day, I got a ride back to my stashed bike in Lawrenceburg. I told Chad that if he ever wants to chill up in New Englad, to look me up and I’ll repay the favor. Thanks brother!

So, I biked onward and got the most indulgent chili and best service ever at a small restaurant chain called Skyline. When the staff found out that I had been biking since Los Angeles on my way to D.C., I had pictures taken with me and even had the management buy me my meal! They were a great bunch of people with an awesome sense of humor and honesty.

Biking on to Cincinnati, I found the city to be really nice and full of a lot of museums and restaurants. But, most things closed early so I couldn’t really take advantage of anything. I realized that trying to be a tourist while bicycle touring isn’t really effective. So, no more sight-seeing for me while on the trip. My attempts at sight seeing usually do not work out and simply end in extra miles that aren’t worth eating.

Currently, I’m in Hillsboro, OH, and looking to put in about another 70 miles (for another 100 miler) by the end of the day. My legs are sore, my gear is shabby, and it’s drizzling outside still. But, I am increasingly aware of how beautiful the world and its people can be.

It also helps imagining going to a casino with my brother and indulging in some serious RELAXATION when I get back.

These last miles will be consumed with bottomless hunger!


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