Fireflies & Lightning

June 21, 2011 Tuesday

On my way towards the exit, I heard the voice of a woman speak to me from somewhere in the post office waiting line.

“Good luck. Be safe”, I heard her say with a tone of earnestness I can’t recall ever hearing before. Turning around, I saw that everyone was looking at me. I had no idea which of the ladies in line had spoken.

“Thank you. Very much. I really appreciate that. Have a nice day”, was my response, and I walked out the door of the Parkersburg post office.

The overwhelming lesson from this trip has been in regards to human nature. I’ve bleached that the capacity for human goodness is deep and always surprising in it’s magnitude. It has been an observation i have learned time and time again. Just this past Sunday, I blew a tire out on the outskirts of Athens, OH. A man named Charlie helped me out incredibly by introducing me to Atilla and Mary, an awesome couple who let me stay overnight in their beautiful home until the bike shops opened up the next day. Atilla is an avid biker and accomplished musician who is also a metal-head like myself. We had a most EXCELLENT jam session, even though my chops are a bit rusty. Mary is an accomplished writer and brews some MEAN beer.

After a very restful sleep, Atilla rode with me along some great country backroads until we reached Rt 50, whereupon we said our goodbyes and I road onward towards my ever approaching destination: Washington DC.

After 100 miles today through mountainous and beautiful West Virginia, I have found myself camping on top of a mountain in the Appalachian Mountains with fireflies and constant flashes of lightning in the cloudy night sky. This trip has been wondrous. Despite the evil that often permeates into everyday life, I am absolutely sure now of the world’s desire to be good. I hope I can cultivate goodness throughout the rest of my lifetime.

2 Responses to “Fireflies & Lightning”
  1. Thanks for the shout out, Nick. I know you’ll pay it forward. -Mary

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