Cross-Continental Journey: COMPLETE!

Vita Incindia

June 23, 2011 Thursday

I just ate an entire continent! Boy, am I FULL!

I started this journey on April 28th at approximately 6:00 PM and rolled across the Memorial Bridge into Washington D.C. on June 23rd at approximately 8:45 PM, officially completing my journey.

By the time I had arrived, the sun had set but the sky was still full of red and purple colors spattered among a palette of fluffy clouds. An incredible amount of tourists were crowded around the Lincoln Memorial, so I moved off to the side and found a secluded grassy area to drink some water and enjoy a blueberry pastry a nice barista named Patty had given me. Then I stretched out and waited for the ultimate lessons to be bestowed upon me.

After 3,000 miles, it was all very clear.

Teaching #1:
The world is BEAUTIFUL. It is beautiful and full of good people who desire to propagate goodness around them. Even though fear and weakness get in the way, the world sincerely wants to be good and kind.

Teaching #2:
Reality is personal and can be manipulated to an extent determined by personal will.

Teaching #3:
There are some things about one’s self that can never be changed, even after a 3,000 bicycle journey. These are set into your being like hand prints in dry cement. Only by Being at peace with one’s self can you deal with self-perceived negativities and eliminate the effects they are capable of producing. I believe that Mahatma Ghandi may have said something in regards to this.

It is still hard to believe this is over. Life in general continues, but the last page of this chapter is being closed, much to my relief but, also, regret. Though life on the road was hard, it made the successes so sweet. I’ll miss the feeling of total freedom to go anywhere I want at any time I desired. I’ll miss the feeling of sleeping in the wilderness night after night and seeing the countless fireflies before I duck into my tent. My early after noon lunches won’t taste nearly as good as when I was expending 8-10,000 calories a day to make mileage and seek out resources. I’ll miss the ever changing cultural landscape and wonderful people I meet every day. I’ll even miss the strange sounds of unidentifiable animals that occasionally woke me in the dead of the sleep.

However, I definitely will NOT miss the chaffing or days of being soaked by torrential rain.

Now, I will be spending the next few days in my second favorite city while chilling my old (classic) friend, AKIN, and getting a chance to do some site-seeing.

Thank you to every person who helped me along the way, whether it was providing a warm bed to sleep in or a word of encourage, such as “Don’t bother come home unless you finish this trip” or “You’re a stud, man! You GOT this!” Though the material support helped, it’s the encouragement that really got me through.

Thank you.

Life In Every Breath

2 Responses to “Cross-Continental Journey: COMPLETE!”
  1. driadia says:

    Nick, glad you made it! Mary and I talked about you yesterday, saying that you were probably in DC by now. Keep me in mind for your next bike trip. I may want to join you. I’m headed to Skyline and the Blue Ridge in August, if you haven’t had enough…


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