Does the idea of driving down unfamiliar roads on beautiful days bring you close to your idea of heaven? Or, how about the thought of camping out under the stars every night along beautiful back country roads, valleys, and mountains? Can you imagine how great it feels to sit down like a cowboy at a local bar  after a day of hard physical work and order a pint of cold, locally-brewed beer?

By bicycling across the United States, this is how life can be. Between the Pacific and Atlantic are unknown adventures, wonderful people, and great wisdom for anyone who wants to make the journey. The majority of what will happen as you devour upwards of 3,000 miles can’t be predicted and therein lies the adventure!

It was about 2 years ago, after the completion of my undergraduate degree in International Business & Economics, that the idea to do something of this magnitude began to grow in my thoughts. Though I had certainly wanted to travel and explore the world, I was not sure of where to start and decided to join the workforce and accrue money while I decided on a supreme plan of action. Ultimately, it was something my uncle said that got me to consider the United States as the theater for my exploration:

“Why not travel through THIS country? There plenty to see right around here!”

Yeah, why not? There is so much culture and natural beauty to explore that there hardly seemed to be a need to go overseas to achieve the experiences I desired. I decided to travel by bicycle because, as most people can attest to personally, one cannot properly tour an area by motorized vehicle. In order to get the most out of any area, the mode of transportation needs to be as manual, or “organic”, as possible. Otherwise, there are so many wonderful things that can easily be overlooked while in a car or on a motorcycle. Despite all the drawbacks, the rewards for traveling in such a manner are fantastic.

To anyone who may think that this endeavor is simply a pleasure cruise, I implore you to take the journey yourself. The things you will learn about your own capacity as an individual, the nature of people, and the face of the U.S.A. will be incredible. This is why I am bicycling across America, so that I can learn and grow wise and be able to say to my descendents that, not only was I young and crazy, but I also accomplished something during that time in my life as well.

2 Responses to “About”
  1. Doug says:

    How goes the pain and tribulations my man-lover?

    • driadia says:

      Doug! I knew I’d hear your voice before this thing is through. It’s been great so far. Almost done. Very very tired. 380 more miles to go. I’ll be done in 4-5 days. Wish you could bike the Appalachian Mts with me tmrw. Spsdly, harder than the Rockies. Whatever. I’ll eat them. Keep in touch you stud.

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