Cross-Continental Journey: COMPLETE!

June 23, 2011 Thursday I just ate an entire continent! Boy, am I FULL! I started this journey on April 28th at approximately 6:00 PM and rolled across the Memorial Bridge into Washington D.C. on June 23rd at approximately 8:45 PM, officially completing my journey. By the time I had arrived, the sun had set … Continue reading

78 Miles Remain

June 23, 2011 Thursday This morning I woke up to the crowing of a rooster, only minutes before my cell phone alarm went off. That’s not something I ever thought I’d be fortunate enough to experience. My new friends, Rick and Kim, let me pitch my tent on their little farm last night and I … Continue reading

Fireflies & Lightning

June 21, 2011 Tuesday On my way towards the exit, I heard the voice of a woman speak to me from somewhere in the post office waiting line. “Good luck. Be safe”, I heard her say with a tone of earnestness I can’t recall ever hearing before. Turning around, I saw that everyone was looking … Continue reading

Gun Powder

SKYLINE CREW – YEAH GUYS! June 18, 2011 Saturday The drizzle has returned, but, so has my DRIVE to complete the mission. The past few days have really provided the boost, or gun powder, I need to blast my way to my destination. After getting into Lawrenceburg, IN, I scarfed some food and looked a … Continue reading

Beautiful Day To Ride (Good Progress)

June 16, 2011 Thursday Today was a beautiful for bicycle touring. Firstly, there was no RAIN. Also, true to what my friend, Kat, told me, southern Indiana has great bicycling terrain. There is a perfect mix of hills and flat stretches. With a moderate temperature of around 78 degrees and the wind hardly present, I’m … Continue reading

Dear Lord, No More Rain

June 15, 2011 Wednesday I crossed into Indiana, yesterday, only to find that the weather is same in this state as in the previous. Today makes for a total of 3 consecutive days of thunderstorms with torrential rainfall. Thus far, this moist obstacle has championed itself as the most difficult trial yet in my journey. … Continue reading

Leap Frogging

June 14, 2011 Tuesday (?) Since my last post, I spent a night at the fabulous Huck Finn Hostel, went to church, and toured Saint Louis with my new foreign friends, Aziz and David, who are from from Saudi Arabia and Sweden. I then biked through the city and have since traversed the entirety of … Continue reading

100 Miles

June 10, 2011 Friday The last 16 miles were ridden on the Katy Trail in nearly complete darkness except for the holy light of my light beam projecting from the front of the bike. Trees curled up and around the old train trestle I road upon, creating the feeling of riding through a tunnel made … Continue reading

The Spirit That Wears Clothes

Or, rather, the importance of spiritual maintenance while biking across America. As I write, I am in a private room in the back of Boonville’s (Missouri) petite town library. After a few verbal exchanges, the nice supervisor asked if she could take my picture for their website. Looking down at myself, I realized the extent to … Continue reading

Now For The Other Half (YOU AIN’T SO BAD!)

June 8th, 2011 Wednesday In other words, the necessity of inspiration and motivation while biking across America. I spent a day and a half in Kansas City, which was about half a day longer than expected. However, it was time well spent. Being a “city boy”, I felt at home amongst the hustle, tall buildings, … Continue reading