78 Miles Remain

June 23, 2011 Thursday This morning I woke up to the crowing of a rooster, only minutes before my cell phone alarm went off. That’s not something I ever thought I’d be fortunate enough to experience. My new friends, Rick and Kim, let me pitch my tent on their little farm last night and I … Continue reading

300 Miles Remain

June 20, 2011 Monday I don’t have time for a proper entry. I need to ride while the weather is good. I’m currently in Petersburg, WV, heading towards Clarksburg. Only 300 miles left to D.C. Major appreciation to Charlie, Attila and Mary. Thanks guys! Onwards.

The Spirit That Wears Clothes

Or, rather, the importance of spiritual maintenance while biking across America. As I write, I am in a private room in the back of Boonville’s (Missouri) petite town library. After a few verbal exchanges, the nice supervisor asked if she could take my picture for their website. Looking down at myself, I realized the extent to … Continue reading

Now For The Other Half (YOU AIN’T SO BAD!)

June 8th, 2011 Wednesday In other words, the necessity of inspiration and motivation while biking across America. I spent a day and a half in Kansas City, which was about half a day longer than expected. However, it was time well spent. Being a “city boy”, I felt at home amongst the hustle, tall buildings, … Continue reading

Wolf Creek Pass

May 23, 2011 Monday I BIKED through WOLF CREEK PASS. YEE-HAWW. Every now and then, we the people, are fortunate enough to be presented with opportunities to make clear the full measure of our skill and will. The hands behind the curtain administer a relentless beating so that we can show ourselves what we are … Continue reading

Mirrored Realities

May 17th, 2011 Tuesday This morning I woke up on comfortable bed. After t’ai chi, I ate a breakfast of grilled peanut butter and apples on molasses wheat bread along with what may have been the strongest cup of coffee I have ever had. The combination was excellent. Later on, I was dispatched by Dr. … Continue reading

Desert Dreams

The road from Flagstaff to Cameron took me back into the the land of little rain and endless desolate expanses. However, this time, I was neither anxious or afraid. I gradually lost 3,000 feet in elevation while traveling north on route 89, eventually descending into the dry heat of the Painted Desert. It wasn’t until … Continue reading