Now For The Other Half (YOU AIN’T SO BAD!)

June 8th, 2011 Wednesday In other words, the necessity of inspiration and motivation while biking across America. I spent a day and a half in Kansas City, which was about half a day longer than expected. However, it was time well spent. Being a “city boy”, I felt at home amongst the hustle, tall buildings, … Continue reading

Enter Missouri

After biking from Lawrence, KS, I crossed into Kansas City, KS, and then into Kansas City, MO, using a beautiful city bike path a fellow biker told me about. After eatIng the best BBQ sandwich I have EVER had at Gates BBQ, I found a sufficient camping place to sleep for the night at Blue … Continue reading


Hundreds of miles later . . . . . . and I am now a tourist in the great Kansas City, KS! Ha ha! At no less than 80 miles a day, I have been making great progress across the motherland towards my initial goal of Washington D.C. As most of my personal friends and … Continue reading

Kansas – The Beating Heart of America

Picture this … After 70 miles of bicycling at an average speed of 15 miles an hour through extreme heat and wind, you finally arrive at your destination: an urban oasis called the supermarket. Within 60 minutes of entering the establishment, you’ve had 3 honestly entertaining conversations with three random people, been invited to spend … Continue reading

Another Star

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – MLK Jr Last night I slept beside an abandoned house that looked haunted when I found it. For only two hours, I rested with my back against the wall like a soldier who had … Continue reading


May 30, 2011 Monday Today, I sat behind a cement wall for an hour, smack dab in the middle of the plains of Kansas. The short wall barely shielded me from the the 40 mph wind gusts and 101 degree heat. It was tough just making it the 25 miles to my midway point of … Continue reading

A Bad Day In Bike-Land

To put it bluntly, today sucked. For most people, the difference between a good day and a bad day is minuscule, rooted in the mundane parts of life. When I have a bad day, the difference is huge. What should have been an easily manageable 73 mile trip turned out to be a journey through … Continue reading

Fort Garland, Colorado

After biking only 26 miles, I found myself in the small town of Ft. Garland, CO (pop. <500?). The very nice Hawaiian woman who helps run the local market gave me a free package of “Hawaiian Crispy Wafers”, an addictive snack her family makes. I polished them off them off this morning. The manager over … Continue reading

Wolf Creek Pass

May 23, 2011 Monday I BIKED through WOLF CREEK PASS. YEE-HAWW. Every now and then, we the people, are fortunate enough to be presented with opportunities to make clear the full measure of our skill and will. The hands behind the curtain administer a relentless beating so that we can show ourselves what we are … Continue reading

Seasoned Drifter

May 22, 2011 Sunday The past few days in Colorado have made me feel like Clint Eastwood’s “Man Without A Name” character. I drift from town to town, drinking locally brewed beer, camping out under the stars (most of the time), all while never spending more than 24 hours in any one place. After leaving … Continue reading