Biking Gear 1 (Colorado)

Here’s a run-down of my gear as of May 26, 2011:

LOCATION: Colorado

WEATHER: Highs of around 70 degrees, nightly lows of around 32 degrees


Specialized Cross-Trail Disc

Metal Rear Bike Rack (Max Load Weight of 55 lbs)

2 Rear MTX Side Panniers and Trunk

Schwinn Handlebar Trunk

Small Bell Handlebar Pack

Small Roll-Bag on middle bike cross-bar


Chain Lube

1 Pair Tire Levers (Yet to be used)

2 Spair Tire Tubes

29″ Tire Liners

Tire Patch Kit (Vulcanizing)

Mini Tire Pump

3 Different Size Allen-Wrenches

White Headlight

Red Tail Light

2 Water Bottle Holders


1 Wool Sweater

1 Long sleeve cotton shirt

1 Black UnderArmor short-sleeve shirt

1 Grey Tank Top

1 Water-Resistant Timberland Jacket w/ Fleece Lining

2 Pairs of Socks

2 Underwear

1 Pair Black Dress Shoes

1 Pair Tan Khakis w/ leather belt

1 Black “Scaly” Cap

1 Black Bandana

1 Pair Leather Winter Gloves

1 Arm Sweat-Band

1 Pair Highway Patrol Aviators


3 Water Bottles

1 Spanish Wine Skin

10 Feet of Nylon Cord

1 Emergency Rain Poncho

Vitamins (Biotin, Multi, Vit C, Fish Oil, Iron)




Scuba Knife

Plastic Clamp (Useful)

Small Tent

Sleeping Bag (2lbs)

Cell Phone w/ Charger

Canon Rebel w/ Accessories


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