Biking Gear 3 (West Virginia)

Here are the changes in my gear as of June 21, 2011:

LOCATION: West Virginia

WEATHER: Highs of around 91 degrees, nightly lows of around 66 degrees, extreme humidity and frequent rain showers. 

Given the differences in environment, I have made a few changes:

– I have sent home my winter jacket

– I have added a durable rain jacket to my gear, which is significantly lighter than the winter jacket but can also serve as a warmth retainer. It is reversable, with fire-engine red on one side and tan on the other.

– I have sent home my journal, pleasure reading, gloves, and a few maps. This weight netted me about 3.5 less weight, allowing me to pack more water, pack more food, or simply leave my pack light for quicker and easier movement.


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